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Privacy policy

Payday Loans Online Service ensures that each consumer's personal data will be used according to the present rules of this privacy policy. Information concerning personal data processing by the website is presented in the section. The service of the website is offered for US consumers only. Our policy was created according to US legislation which is valid at the present time.

1. Personal data protection

1.1. Personal data of each consumer is stored in a safe web space. That is why consumers may be sure that all private and important personal information which they send to PaydayLoansOnlineService by means of online form is technically and physically protected. Third parties don't have any access to this info. This data may be only used by the representatives of in order to provide service to the users.

1.2. All personal data which is transmitted via the application form to our representatives and which is then transmitted by our representatives to money lenders who are presented at the website is transferred in a safe way using SSL encoding.

1.3. Consumer is the only person having login details and Paydayloansonlineservice is not responsible for this data disclosure. Consumer is responsible for giving access to login information or personal computer to the third parties.

2. Personal data collection

2.1. Technical features. uses cookies and web beacons in order to make users' interaction with the site more clear and convenient. Below you will find the explanation of these terms.

Web beacons technology is a special software that uses certain client's information in order to create customized images. The client's information concerning their previous web searches is obtained from a web pages database and gives a possibility to create advertising on the basis of consumer's real interest.

Cookies are used to save some sort of information on the consumer's computer. When you visit our website cookies software records this info and this helps us to understand which pages, information and services of the website are interesting for visitors most of all. So cookies also help to make the website more convenient for users.

2.2. Personal information which is required when filling in the online application form includes:

  • passport details
  • contact information
  • bank details (number of your current account and bank details)
  • information about your current employment and income
  • social security number

2.3. Applications from children under 13 years old are not considered. That is why such applications are automatically deleted by the program.

3. Personal data use

3.1. Consumer needs to understand that personal data required in the application form is necessary in order to provide the service which is interesting to the consumer in the most effective way. This data is also used by money lenders which suggest their service on the website. Technical issues or different kinds of disputes may also require customers' personal data use. Personal data use is impossible in other cases which are not connected to the provided service.

3.2. Customer may get some advertising concerning goods and services which are interesting to him or her.

3.3. If any judicial procedures like resolution of disputes with consumers, litigation due to damage happen they are resolved under the current legislation.

4. Personal info distribution.

4.1. The third parties provide some services through That is why our company reserves the right to share clients' personal information with these parties in order to provide better service to the customers. Thus, marketing agencies, consumer reporting agencies and associated institutions which cooperate with PaydayLoansOnlineService may get this information.

4.2. Money lenders, affiliates and representatives may get clients' information when it is necessary.

5. Changes in privacy policy.

Privacy policy conditions may be changed by without noting customers at any time.

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