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Matching with Payday Loan Online
Direct Lenders - Fast Approval

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Rates And Fees doesn’t charge any fees from consumers for providing the matching service. Pay attention to the fact that we don’t lend money to consumers. We just only attempt to connect you with the lenders who lend money to consumers. We have a wide range of lenders who are interested in meeting new consumers through, as well as we attract many people by suggesting them the fastest and the most convenient way of getting the needed money.

The consumer is able to get all information concerning terms, rates and fees, privacy policy in case he or she is interested in getting an online payday loan through our website. The issue is regulated by the Truth in Lending Act. Besides, all financial details are noted in the agreement which consumer makes with the lender and it is better to read it carefully before signing it up. All questions which you have concerning information which is provided in the agreement, you should direct to the lender.

Note that you may be required to put your e-signature in order to confirm the deal. After that you are obliged to fulfill all conditions which are mentioned in the contract, otherwise you will be brought to administrative responsibility.

Terms and conditions disclosure

Once you have completed an application form and received a confirmation e-mail (if approved), the lender must provide you with an example of the agreement which you will have to sign. You will find all information concerning financial disclosures, terms, conditions, fees and charges. Meticulously read these papers and decide whether to take a loan based on a thorough analysis. Remember that you are free to refuse from the deal if you find it inappropriate, unless you put your e-signature.

After putting a signature, you confirm that all terms and rates are acceptable for you and then you are obliged to accomplish them. It is very important to thoughtfully read an agreement including information printed in a small font. Make sure you understand all points and loan repayments will not shake your budget.

All terms and fees are set by the direct lenders which performed through Payday Loans Online Service site. It would be helpful to know that fees and charges may depend on your personal information which you send us with an application form. It is important to remember that you may refuse from the loan at any stage of application process unless your signature confirms the contract. PaydayLoansOnlineService has nothing to do with the interest rates, fees and charges which are set up by direct lenders independently. We just match consumers who need to take online cash advance with lenders who provide such opportunity.

Repayment failures

If you forget to make the loan repayment or don’t do that for any other reason you will be charged additional fee. Conditions of additional fees accrual are pointed in the agreement and you have a chance to find it out beforehand. Consumers may be sure that PaydayLoansOnlineService gives access only to honest and reliable lenders who conscientiously treat them. Remember that you need to keep your bank account in order all the time otherwise you may be reasonably charged extra money.

Repaying the loan late

Consumers may meet various charges which are provided for situations of late payments. You may get a onetime fee, as well as interest rate increase. Find the mentioned data in your agreement and make sure you clearly understand these terms. If you sent your e-signature and changed your mind of taking the loan contact the lender to fix the issue. Most likely, you will have to fulfill all terms which are determined by the agreement. Different states regulate late payments in various ways but all lenders have to conform to these rules.

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